Charming large bar globe with golden decorations “Afrodite”

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Afrodite is a masterpiece of Italian handcraft. This elegant bar globe is enriched with gold foil finishes assembled by our master craftsmen. To all of those who love surrounding themselves with precious and sophisticated pieces of furniture, the structure, made of beech varnished-mahogany wood will bring class into any room. The top opens to reveal a drinks cabinet that comfortably accommodates up to 6 or 8 bottles and approximately 16 glasses. The globe sphere, whose map is a faithful reproduction of a 16th Century cartography, fully rotates around its meridian either when it is open or closed. You can easily move it thanks to its casters.

Bar accessories are not included.

ATTENTION: Due to its handmade nature, this product may not be immediately available in stock. We could need therefore up to 30 days for the production and shipment.

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