Sfera 33

“Sfera 33” small desk bar globe – Ebony

Vintage desk bar globe on antiqued finish stand and classic ebony map. With its wonderful illustrations of sea monsters, mermaids and mythological figures, Sfera 33 globe can carry 1 or 2 small bottles and approximately 6 glasses. Thanks to the North and South meridians, the sphere fully rotates around them either when opened or closed.

Bar accessories are not included.

Florence, the art city par excellence, is where the Tre-Esse brand comes to life. Selected waxed wood and accurate processing make each piece a timeless classic. Each object is exclusive and unrepeatable…all this, combined with the Made in Italy craftsmanship, makes our collection of globes as unique as a signature: Tre-Esse Firenze.

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Each Zoffoli globe is unique and exclusively crafted in Italy. Our artisans are preparing it for you. Find out the next availability of this product!
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